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Mahogany Renal Trust


The South African renal market is underserved due to the high burden of disease and limited access to care. It is estimated that up to 5 million South Africans may have chronic kidney disease (CKD), a burden worsened by lifestyle diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes and HIV.

The dialysis market grew exponentially in the private sector when CKD was made a prescribed minimum benefit. This resulted in dialysis penetration in some economically well off demographics exceeding 500 per million population. Penetration in the state sector is however still woefully inadequate, but there is a willingness to target 250 per million by 2025, a more than doubling of services rendered at present. Further, the Department of Health has endorsed the International Society of Nephrology's “0 by 25” initiative which provides for virtually unlimited access to acute dialysis.

The Mahogany Renal Trust in association with BBraun, an employer of specialised skills in the field of Nephrology, would like to offer bursaries to previously disadvantaged female South Africans who aspire towards qualifying within the Renal Field as either Renal Nurses, Nephrology Clinical Technologists or Medical Doctors.

The Mahogany Renal Trust seeks to align itself with established academic and training institutions in order to contribute towards the objective of training and up skilling of renal nurses and renal clinical technologists,

The Trust is independently managed the Trustees, and has been in existence since 2017, where Nurses and Clinical Technology students have been recruited and assisted financially to pursue their studies through reputable South African Universities in the Nephrology field.


A serious challenge facing South Africa is the shortage of skilled trained Nephrology Clinical Staff (Nurses, Nephrology Clinical Technologist and Doctors) within the Health Sector. Naturally this shortage of Human Resources and Funding has a major constraint to improving access and delivery of health care to CKD sufferers. The Mission of the Mahogany Renal Trust is to help alleviate this shortage of skills through partnering with Academic Establishments and Government Institutions to:

  • Offering bursaries to previously disadvantaged female South Africans, who aspire towards qualifying within the Nephrology field.
  • Offering international exposure to Nephrologists in their department of interest within the Nephrology field.
  • Offering Placements within BBraun Avitum Units for Clinical Technologists and Nephrology Nurses to complete their clinical hours required for their qualifications.

Bursary information

  • The full cost of tuition is included except photocopy and printing costs
  • The full cost of residency on campus is covered.
  • The full cost of meals will be provided
  • The full cost of Transportation to and from Campus (Transport to graduation will be for the student own pocket)
  • Monthly stipends for the Clinical Technologist Students

Criteria to be met by an applicant in order to be considered for an interview:

Nephrology Nurses

  • South Africa Citizen
  • Female
  • Employment Equity
  • Basic Registered General Nursing Qualification
  • Registration with SANCA
  • 2 year practical experience
  • Ability to complete the Course
  • Acceptance at a recognised University
  • Immunization against Hepatitis
  • Motivational Letter (why should you be considered for this bursary?)
  • Community and Social Service Orientated.
  • Approved study leave from employer

Nephrology Clinical Technologist

  • South Africa Citizen
  • Female
  • Employment Equity
  • Ability to complete course
  • Proof of Dialysis Unit Visits.
  • Registered at the HPCSA as a Student Clinical Technologist
  • Community and Social Service Orientated.
  • Immunization against Hepatitis
  • Motivational Letter (why should you be considered for this bursary?)


Please note that students, who already have a full bursary which requires the student to work for an institution or company upon completion of the relevant degree, will not be considered.

Nurses sponsored from Government Hospitals will be required to work within Government Sector for 2 years after receiving their qualifications.

Many people living in South Africa have the potential to become highly skilled professionals but most never get the opportunity to study further. We are proud to be making a difference by facilitating this program, enabling the hopes and dreams of our learners to become a reality!

You can download application form here and send it to info@mahoganyrenaltrust.co.za


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